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The ground  The address:Guizhou province guiyang nanming fuyuan road

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       Guiyang jing JinHai supplies trade co., LTD., established in2012Years,Founded in the early is one of the main fire tube materials trading company.Through nearly five years of development,Grope for gradually with the steel trade category expansion potential,Today, open the website,Hope to all people,Merit goods service,To let the customer save worry,Save trouble,Desire to save money service,Looking forward to your participation on the way to the merit goods service。



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Next year, China's steel exports could pick up
Didn't agree with the author forecasts export growth is flat,2017China's steel exports fell sharply。According to the general administration of customs statistics,2017Yearsaa0009In the national export steel5960Ten thousand tons,Compared with the same period last year29.8%。One of them9In steel exports514Ten thousand tons,Year-on-year decline41.6%。A preliminary analysis,There are three causes for China's steel exports decline this year:One is the domestic steel prices,And earlier in the appreciation of the renminbi,To improve the export cost,Causing a significant drop in export earnings,Even unprofitable,Enthusiasm reduced steel export trade enterprises;The second is global trade protectionism
201aa0001aa00017 10:43
11Frequent on environmental protection Pipe market profile interpretation
A、Upstream and downstream environmental basic situation10In most environmental policies based on upstream sintering、The billet steel strip rolling“Coal to gas to electricity”Acceptance check、Transportation control direction,At the same time appears unavoidably insufficient gas supply influencing the production of production line,Parts of downstream processing enterprises face periodic environmental supervision;Today11At the beginning of furnaces are maintenance,4Day-8Start the beijing-tianjin-hebei regionⅡLevel of emergency response measures,Pipe factory of galvanized production was affected,And the northern region have started to downstream terminal site15Notify in shutdown final holiday arrangement,The purchasing margin slightly reduced state;The follow-up2+2
201aa0001aa00017 10:42
Steel prices next year is expected to remain choppy
2017Years,The steel prices rose strongly in the country,An option“Awesomeness”Is dye-in-the-wood,This is also in line with previous expectations。Lange steel market monitoring data show that cloud business platform,This year9The end of the month,China's steel prices rose49.7%,Than earlier this year16.4%(As shown in the figure1)。By4Quarter macroeconomic continue to grow,Supply and demand further improved,Factors such as market confidence,Years is expected steel prices are still high,Price index over the previous year or not less than all the year round2Into。Looking forward to the New Year China steel price movements,Is expected to present two big characteristics:A、Steel price rise sharply throughout the year
201aa0001aa00017 10:41