Our advantage

  • Team strength

    Strong scientific research strength,Talent pool,Staff overall quality is high,Interaction with foreign excellent designers。

  • Organization system

    High quality control system,Perfect information management system,Integrity of customer base,Powerful finance power,A sensitive response to changing market conditions。

  • Relating to the field

    Acting big upfront design research and development,Customize the large building,Performing arts equipment for sale。


ABOUT USAbout us

       Zhoukou city jin GUI entertainment technology co., LTD., affiliated to henan well performing arts group,Invested by private acrobatic art groups, is a technology company、Specializing in the production of multi-purpose steel tensile membrane structure shows the cultural enterprises、Exports of steel tensile membrane structure circus acrobats venues of private economic entity。Modern steel tensile membrane structure is applied to the circus horses...

The partner

  • Wanda group
    Wanda group
  • Hebei dazzle beautiful group
    Hebei dazzle beautiful group
  • Would be acting
    Would be acting
  • Huaqiang group
    Huaqiang group